Do You Write Consistently? Or Do You Need A Bit Of Help?


We all like to think that we’re good at writing. I know I do! But sometimes, it feels as if I don’t have the motivation to write, when I know I have something that needs to be said.

I’m oftentimes exhausted from working my 9-5 rat race career by the time I get home, so I don’t always have the energy I need to function properly. I try to post every few days, but I feel a lack of motivation to do what needs to be done. I know at this point whether or not I should even begin a post or postpone it until later.

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Then again, it seems that, once in a while, I’ll have the motivation to keep going once I’ve started. At these times, I”ll be able to keep going for a good twenty minutes, by which point I’ve been able to pound some good, solid six hundred word posts with much gusto, and without even so much as a hiccup in keeping my train of thought. (I know twenty minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you think a blog post has to be really long, think again. Some of the most powerful blog posts in the world get straight to the point in a measly 250-500 words, and this is where you can concentrate on multiple blog posts per day if you’re highly proficient.)

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The part that takes the longest is the proofreading afterwards for content flow and spelling, and once in a while I’ll post something, only to later read it and discover a few errors. That has nothing to do with motivation as it were– that I’ve typed out my article is typically enough for me to move on with my day.

So, here are a few tips that I would recommend to someone who might be having a hard time maintaining consistency, or just content creation in general.

Write In The Morning

I find it much easier to type anything and everything out in the mornings, because I’ve been able to rest my mind for a few hours. If I’ve awoken from a particularly refreshing sleep, then I tend to write with great strength, speed, and accuracy. On those days when I haven’t slept well, I’ll just end up reading. If you have poor sleep, there’s a good chance you’ll wind up not having the energy to put your thoughts to paper properly.

My creativity takes a serious hit after a rough night’s sleep, and no amount of caffeine will save me from the soon-to-follow rampant destruction my keyboard tricks me into writing.

If you decide to incorporate a morning routine before starting, then have at it. Nothing beats a sense of routine to ensure you get the best out of your writing. Meditation, yoga, or a short exercise routine are all excellent for promoting mental clarity and blood flow.

Carve Out At Least Fifteen Minutes To Write Down Ideas
Clock, Pointer, Clock Face, Old

Fifteen minutes is almost all you’ll need to get ideas for a quick blog post or journal entry. If you break any project down to sections, you will be able to create main points, content flow, and above all, you can get your main point driven home without fluff or filler words. Being verbose is for lawyers, anyways.

If You Already Have Plenty Of Hand-Written Journals, Convert Them

Background, Blank, Book, Bindings

I think this is one of the best content sources ever. If you feel as if you’re lacking creativity, but you still have the urge to write, then perhaps it might be suitable to source content from some of your personal journals. I know at least some of you have some journals stacked up in your closet from high school– dig into them! look around for some interesting entries, and convert those into digital format! Journals from your past might contain some memory-jogging material, which you can then use to explain certain stories.

Read Beforehand In Your Niche

This goes particularly for people whose specialty involves writing about what really matters to them, or for those who are excellent in a particular niche or area of interest. It always helps to have that little boost of motivation from the masters in your arena in such a way which allows you to create your own twist to your material. As an example, I did some reading into this book to allow me some motivation to write about writing.  By the way, reading primarily in your niche almost guarantees you’ll have valuable perspective and fresh ideas for your own content.

As it turns out, being an authority for a niche means you’ll be a source of information– people everywhere are hungry for information. If you’ve been involved in your niche for a while, your chances of success are a bit higher than the person who’s simply trying to find his or her niche from the get-go. If you’re anything like me, you’re in the latter of the two groups.

If you found any of this information relevant or helpful, I would appreciate some feedback!

One more thing about writing: If you’re really wanting to write it’s going to take exactly one thing– you must actually write. I had it told to me this way once, and it’s been a really good little motto: “You don’t look at someone’s artist portfolio and wish you could draw. If you truly wished you could draw, you would already have started a long time ago. Never wish; always do.” –Anonymous, unless someone has the source of this non-verbatim quote.

If you are running an established blog, what kind of advice would you want your readers to know? I’d love to hear about it in the comments1


My Personal Passive Income Stream Idea(s) for 2018?

I have been watching lecture after lecture, video after video, and reading blog post after blog post of some of the best passive income streams. I have learned a great deal of information from each of these methods. I’m keenly interested in making money online and I’m in a mindset right now to put out as much helpful information and energy I can to help others watch or learn my journey from my personal rags to riches (no, I’m not entirely homeless, but I’ll be damned if I keep having to struggle every month). I’ve almost made it a personal goal to improve my financial situation, since I’m going to be the determinant for my future anyways– I cannot keep relying on others’ help for this.

I ran across many hundreds of tidbits of information ranging from investing, real estate, drop shipping, driving people around, harnessing your knowledge to help others in your field, and perhaps more than I can mention at this moment. The latter idea (harnessing my knowledge) is perhaps the greatest service I can offer to everyone. Not only will it let me feel better about having been useful to more than just my locality, but as I’m already deemed an expert in this field, I felt that maybe the little golden nugget that helped me was this video right here. Ms. Perkins mentions about three in this video that I know beyond all shadow of doubt that I can perform with ease, and it could be almost exceedingly profitable for me, since it has been my top strength for decades now. In no particular order, these three clicked for me:


As someone who has gone to school for greater than half of his life, in a setting not suited for people like myself [read: standardized education], I’ve come to realize that it was never about myself having had a problem– it was always the means by which information was delivered by the instructors (to memorize and quote upon a test, almost like a legalized form of plagiarism). It was never the instructors’ fault, though I blamed them and hated having to speak to them about why I couldn’t understand how this, that or the other. It dawned on me recently that I am going to have to put forth my own energy to teach people in a field that appears to be in decline since the advent of text messaging– English and writing. Not once before my 30s did this occur to me. I was always interested in the feeling of excellence in my writing and expressing it to others just for the sake of having them read my content, but it never occurred to me to help anyone out. Given platforms like Fiverr and Udemy, however, I’m currently in the process of developing my skills, improving my own knowledge, and reach a global audience where it counts to actually utilize my skills to assist those who are studying English, whose first language might not have been English. This is where the internet will come in handy.

I’m not a certified educator, but I know well enough how to research using verified and trusted sources for information (the dictionary and thesaurus, and some of my English textbooks that I never threw away). Using these tools, I’ll be generating a decent Udemy course and helping people edit books on Fiverr (as well as write blog posts and guides, as I have been already) . But it’s going to take some effort on my part, because my speaking skills for video presentation are crap.


This one is right up my alley. You know how people are considered grammar Nazis? It turns out that their keen recognition of grammatical errors isn’t just out of the desire to sound like a b-hole on purpose– we just point out flaws in writing that would make communication far easier for the rest of native English speakers and readers. It turns out that this skill is useful in not only providing assistance to those whose writing skills might not be the pinnacle of their skill set, but also to those who wish to become writers, and have a great message to give to their readers– but they don’t have the time they need or the energy necessary to perform self-editing and corrections for their works.

Enter people like myself. This is a very skilled arena on Fiverr, and I’m waiting until I can take a week-long vacation to focus strictly on doing exactly this, because that would mean a significant amount of my skills could be focused just in that aspect. There are more people writing books than ever before in history, and there aren’t really enough people editing books to keep up with that demand. Here I was, on Facebook, pointing out errors for free, when my knowledge of writing could have been much more helpful to a wider audience who actually appreciates that kind of behavior because they had something to tell the world about their experiences, their fan fiction, or their otherwise deeply-rooted past and how they reflect on it now. These are things I’d never once become aware of before, and it’s all dawning on me in record pace. My mind is now full of ideas that I can’t keep up with, and all my energy is almost wasted on working full-time for someone else. I’m not even that good at my job.


This doesn’t have anything to do with law, rights, or anything of that nature. I’m not blandly verbose enough to care about being a law student (thank you, George Carlin). Instead, what this entails is capturing the attention for those people who do shop for things on a regular basis online, who are looking to obtain some means by which to save money, or almost blatantly stated, advertisements. I’m not really huge on clicking advertising links, but I understand the amount of my own attention they’ve garnered over the years (I looked at ClickBank). I’ve paid a bit more attention to these than I realized; perhaps not enough to write splash pages, landing pages, or sales funnels– but certainly enough to have some attention-grabbing text that will astound anyone scrolling through Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social media platforms currently available. Facebook ad managers are willing to pay people to create content along these lines, and I’m thinking that it might be more than lucrative, in my experience.

Between the three of these, I think I can make or earn enough to replace my day job. In between working for these, in fact, I could be writing my own series of e-books that will supply a passive income stream. I know it sounds like a lot of work, and perhaps it is– but passive income takes a lot of work up front. If I could create this lengthy blog post in a matter of 40 minutes before work, then don’t you think maybe I might have a chance to go about seeking alternative sources of income that don’t guarantee the shortening of my life and deterioration of my health over the long run– for a partly retirement? I’ve rarely taken major chances, and I don’t gamble, but this is one thing I have great confidence in.

One thousand, two hundred thirty words. Forty minutes. That’s the ticket right there, everyone.

Kinetic Psyche

Just as one may wish to maintain some form of mental silence
One may also wish the boost their mental noise
Here on this planet we see heaps of political dung
Living among the sheep, the Shepherd and the sheepdog

Call it what you will, egregious human
Defend it with all might you have, and willpower
As a house of cards can get torn to shambles with a sneeze
So too will the foundation of all that is shit crumble beneath lies

The noise I hear in my own head is chaotic, but ordered
I know what I want, and wish, and desire for the future
I know what is good and bad and disgusting for the populace
And nothing coming from the apex of the hierarchy will benefit us

You great mighty pool of sewage, walking around with a smile
Kiss your family on that TV and pretend to defend our culture
Line your ever-fattening wallet with the taxes of our hard work
Destroy your state with illegal laws of stupidity and disheveled perspective

Ill will settled in the mind of the ventriloquist
The puppet has no mind of its own– it is controlled with string
Maintaining all of the highest rates of idiocy and backed by zero logic
Using money to maintain a false sense of harmony

Creative Writing

Hello there, and good morning. It is 5:57 a.m. and I’ve just finished another round of writing my morning pages. If you’ve never heard of the morning pages, it’s a method used by author Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way to boost creative thinking. What it basically entails is the streaming of thoughts to paper to essentially, put bluntly, dump the recycle bin of the brain to clear your mind for the coming hours of the day. You empty the contents of your SIM card to make room for new information.

In this case, it could be new information, new ways of expressing yourself, new ways of thinking, problem solving, writing– just about anything can be benefited by the Morning Pages, depending entirely on what it is you are looking for. According to the book, there’s really no way to mess up the morning pages. All you do is sit down, write your thoughts out for 3 pages, and that’s it. No grammatical rules to follow, no censoring yourself– letting things just flow out is something that anyone wishing for a new path in life can start or maintain for any period of time in order to boost their inspiration to start something. And this makes quite a lot of sense.

For the longest time, people told me I was a good writer, or at least had a solid command of the English language at an early age. What I hadn’t known was where it would be useful. I’m beginning to see that proper grammar isn’t necessary 100% of the time (but I still like to be a grammar Nazi on Facebook just for laughs), but I’m also beginning to understand that writing by hand, even if you don’t have anything to say, can be beneficial. The purpose of the morning pages is to get your hand moving across a page. If you aren’t the writing type, don’t worry– no one, including yourself, will ever see them. If you have some bad thoughts to get out of your system, that’s also a harmless method of venting. Now I’m not known for a foul mouth, but a few words have decided to burst out from time to time. But this is okay. You don’t have to even keep the pages, but it’s important that you do not read them again. That’s probably why you dumped those thoughts to begin with.

So what have I discovered in the week and a half that I have been writing in the morning pages? Well, I remembered times when I was a dumb Navy kid. I reflected on family members. I started gaining insight into my own life. Here’s the thing– I’m a metalhead. I enjoy bands like Cattle Decapitation, Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Animals As Leaders, among many others. This type of music made me feel at the top of the world at all times of the day (ego). Now some time later, I still listen to music, but with a more finely-tuned ear for quality. “What does this have to do with anything?” you may ask. Well, just as with everything else, maturity does take a bit of time to obtain. When it hits, some people find it far too late. Others discover it in high school, way before their time and know immediately what they want to do with their own lives, and they end up pursuing that field successfully.

And then there’s me. I’m 30, soon to be 31, and I’ve been slowly figuring out more about what it is I need to do in order to live an easier life. That can be answered with a simple pair of words: new job. If you have been following my blog for any period of time, you’ll know that I work at Panera. Recently, I had become very ill with a viral infection in my pharynx. I had to miss out on two weeks of work because I was in such excruciating pain that it’s amazing I actually didn’t break down because of the physical burden of this pain. Since then, they have cut my hours down to 3 days a week. This is hardly enough to bay any bills. Yesterday, I had read another blog here regarding minimum wage and bills. I actually agree with Mr. Walsh. I’m working in a job field intended for minors and young adults, and here I am at 30 still working for them. I have more than 70 semester units at a community college (but due to my lack of mathematical knowledge or understanding, I never graduated) and studied psychology, English, some business and good old-fashioned liberal arts. And none of these job fields of which were any interest to me.

My basic college courses included anatomy and some physiology, and a bit of chemistry. I mean, everyone knows these things, right? I suppose. But let’s face it– I didn’t truly learn what I wanted to learn because I didn’t have the inspiration to try different things outside of schooling. Hell, I even received free proper training to become an electrician, and I forgot most of it because I didn’t care about that. My interest has always been in words, and to some degree, just writing and reading in general. But to find a job field which required some adept knowledge of English when in a state of being blind to situational awareness was just as finicky as trying to find a bean burrito in a pile of beef burritos. There were so many options out there, and I wanted something very related to the field, but not once did it occur to me that I should actually begin to write to gain skills in that field.

Not just any writing will do. I have been typing for a long time now. (I’m barely at 50 words per minute at 95% accuracy according to the state typing test I had taken in the last week. I needed to surpass 35 words per minute to apply for a job.) No, in fact, writing on the computer is actually somewhat mindless. You can type and type and type, and the computer will grant you error messages in the form of a red squiggly line. I can be all the grammar Nazi I wish to be, but that only means I can correct people easily without a red squiggly line. The kind of writing I’m talking about here is handwriting. I’ve figured that if one can simply type endlessly and deftly on a compute, one can also write by hand and obtain the same results. This is absolutely not so, and I now know what Julia was telling the readers when it came to saying that handwriting is more personal. What you’re really getting out of life really depends on you. The same applies to writing. What you’re really getting out of yourself depends on you.

So the morning pages help with sparking some creative ideas about work, creativity, art, drawing, speech, cooking– well, pretty much anything in which you find a passion in life can be improved with a bit of creative problem solving. Having a rut in life? Maybe dumping out the bad and starting in with some good should help out. Problem-solving is found everywhere in life. I’m starting to see more about where I’m supposed to be, and I’ve applied for a job dealing with office work. I know some people think that might not be a metalhead’s job, but I’m not too bad with this at all.

I’m just placing this here because I felt that it was something to say while actually explaining how I came around to figuring out where I would like to be in life. I don’t want to work at Panera for the rest of my life, and I know they’ll sabotage my efforts to move somewhere else because I’m such a valuable asset to their company. They did that to two different places already, and so I have learned that telling the superiors anything leads to obstructions. Blockages. “Loose lips sink ships.” I’m learning more how to guard my words carefully around the managers now that I started with the Morning Pages.

What’s the worst that can happen if you begin the morning pages? You just go through a lot more paper than average. It took me about an hour and a half to finish my first one, and this morning it took me 50 minutes, more or less. But that’s only three pages a day. One and a half sheets of lines 8.5”x11” of writing, suspending grammatical knowledge and including fragments as often as is necessary to write out the pages as quickly as possible. I know I rarely type or speak in sentence fragments, and you may not have happened upon any here. I do absolutely overuse abstract writing methods in my morning pages. It’s creative writing. Don’t let anything limit you. Once you break through the chains that bind you, your limits will be greater than your current imagination. I recommend you try these for at least a couple of weeks and see if anything, even your way of thinking, changes. Something will change! Maybe not in the way you expect, but changes will occur.