They Say To Write Like Yourself…

I could write like myself, sure. I could write as I speak. Why would I do that?

I’m sure I could write in a similar fashion to how one might write sales copy, grabbing the attention with mind-bending succor. But, would writing in the style of copy make for an interesting blog article?

I don’t think so. Sure, it’s well and good to take your writing and cutting it into little tidbits that are bite-sized and readily digestible. This does not necessitate a demand  on my part to actually mimic this form of writing. It works in certain applications, but for a blog post, I could see it as annoying.

There’s a primary reason we learned to write properly in the first place (which has seemingly gone by the wayside by today’s youth, whose sole purpose is to write almost exclusively in emoticons and acronyms), and it’s probably for the very reason you expect it to be– clarity.

I could go on and on about how properly writing must be, but if you think about it– wouldn’t that really be a waste of time? Not everyone can physically speak in the same fashion as they would write. If I tried to recite something similar to the words you see written here on this blog post, you’ll hear a lot of, “Uh, well, ‘cuz, heh…” well among very many other pauses and cut-off points and staccato-laced verbosity. The truth is, I speak somewhat properly when it comes to vocabulary– bu that’s about the extent of my speaking skills. I do miss “properly spoken English” by a long shot, primarily because of the colloquial nature of my speech at the ready.

Perhaps by some notion of thought I might obtain that professional speaking style, but it sounds too robotic. Of course, my writing style is considered anything but traditional, as could be said by many other bloggers.

I’ve also heard it said that I ought to speak with greater simplicity for the sake of allowing those who don’t have a wide spectrum of vocabulary to comprehend what I’m writing. Once again, however, that would be backstabbing everything I’ve learned thus far about how writing ought to work. Why would I have climbed to such a level of writing that I would succumb to such demands?

Besides, if I wanted to write more simply, I might do well to write children’s books or young adult horror– I specialize in neither. Telling people to write in a style that is not their own might be counterproductive. [Okay, it’s absolutely counterproductive.] A writer might display their tone of voice in their writing in a manner unobtainable by many others, and their flow of writing might be impeccable. My style of writing is my own, and if it means inflexible tonal color, so be it!

I’m not necessarily upset by any of this, honestly, except when these occurrences come to existence.But, in the same breath, these comments come from those who wish to have their life easily handed to them. I did the hard thing and improved my writing, which is why it now comes easily to me. Others who do not write well have done the easy thing and failed to improve their writing, which is why it does not come so easily to these individuals.

Granted, they’re few, which would be the “hater” group [Read: trolling], which means I really shouldn’t be expected to “dumb down” my writing. I actually responded once on Myspace that someone ought to “smarten up” if they want to understand me, rather than entertaining their demands– they’re now gone from my life, and through no action taken upon by myself– they removed themselves once they realized I wasn’t going to simplify anything just for them.

Now, back to the present, closer to the subject matter– I don’t necessarily run across too many people like this anymore. It isn’t that I’ve made a decision to avoid people, or block them on Facebook or whatnot– I choose to do one thing that allows me to be devoid of all the drama that happens on Facebook– I keep scrolling, just keep scrolling.

I ought to get back to the subject at hand. I write how I think, not how I speak. I write properly. I don’t write very much very often, but when I do, it is filled with great clarity.

(This is where I no longer talk about writing in my style of speech. Fair warning!)

I have become weary of thinking on the go at my job, which does require a great amount of mental fortitude– this is not how I operate.

In fact, it is so demanding on my brain that I come home physically worn out and needing to refresh my head. I don’t think I’m in the right job sector. I would rather take my time to think about what I should write next, rather than having to make minute-based decisions regarding where I should be going. This is not something I’m good at. I’m often seen as slower than everyone else because I have to think about the pros and cons of a specific action. I do have great people skills, so that isn’t exactly a problem. The speed at which I have to work as a custodian doesn’t bother me so much, primarily in the mornings, but it’s all the decisions thereafter throughout each day [read: workload] that causes me the most stress.

I’m almost always having to come home to sleep after work, which I know is not good for my relationship with my fiancee. I can’t help it– I’m relatively stuck in this job until I’ve found a way to get into a job sector which requires very little of my own hard, back-breaking, physically demanding work; instead, it would require me to do that at which I’m most highly skilled. And, of course, living paycheck to paycheck is the definition of insanity– do the same thing with the expectation of different results. Also, the word “job” is an acronym unto itself– “just over broke.”

American Dream– not. This is why most of my blog posts occur on weekends. I usually have a reserved amount of energy to read and write, and if it’s taken away by another job, I have no room to flourish. This is perhaps why I don’t speak in the same fashion as I write– I’m usually too mentally fatigued to string out a comprehensive sentence without trailing off, my mind somewhere else.

… Oops. I went way off track.

A guy’s gotta vent eventually.