I’ve Finally Written a Book!

Here it is.

I am proud of having made my second published work on Amazon. I know it is in the early stages right now, but because I’ve developed my writing a lot over the last few weeks, I’ve been able to make changes that were more than a little helpful. I’ve figured out a few little things here and there– primarily, that I can have a ghost writer write a book for me, and I can proofread, edit, delete, and check all sorts of grammatical issues while only spending a few measly bucks.

This isn’t a new idea, either! People have been ghostwriting for centuries, so I can’t see how a willing writer would complain about being paid a paltry introductory price for something that might be extremely valuable to the world. The only thing is simply that they’re not making a good living off of their work. Myself? I’m great at editing, but my first book was so terrible, I wouldn’t have the guts to show it off to anyone. It’s still available on Kindle, but I’m not promoting it. I’m promoting this book  for people to see. I believe it will be a helpful thing for people who are wishing to generate passive income online from their own efforts. I don’t see how anyone could resist that! But there are many things about passive income that people don’t know.

First, it does take a lot of hard work up front. What you’re doing is developing a brand for yourself over the long term. This won’t be a get-rich-quick scheme, like you’ve probably been fed by internet marketing gurus (whose skill set is intertwined with selling a product). Rather, my book reveals a few passive income streams that you can try on your own.

Some people have managed to get by on passive income alone, and it replaced their day jobs. You might wonder how this is possible, and the answer is simple– time and experience. You see, people who spend a lot of time doing one thing will eventually become very good at what they do. People who write blogs tend to become very adept at writing their thoughts down and expressing themselves in a literary manner. People who spend a lot of time reading about classical literature will undoubtedly become very skillful in their prose. And yet again, people who spend a lot of time studying fashion will inevitably become professional fashionistas who design their own clothing. It goes hand in hand with what you are good and and what you like to do.

Myself? I enjoy correcting peoples’ writing– a lot. I have no explanation behind it, but people have called me a grammar Nazi. I just have a knack for noticing editorial errors out of the blue, and I actually take the time to read things just to find these errors. This means that I can proofread essays without so much as breaking a sweat over the keyboard.

I’m considering outsourcing my e-book writing to some ghost writers… More often.



















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