Thirty minutes to blog on your phone?

I only have thirty minutes to eat lunch, after spending fifteen of those minutes of my entire lunch hour selecting something if I haven’t brought my lunch. So, I’m going to try something new. A laptop, obviously, would be more suited for this, but as I do not have one, I am giving this a shot.

So you like blogging. Cool! I don’t blog every day, but when I do, I actually enjoy it. So what I have is a small hint at blogging when you’re at work. I’m actually using my phone to blog this, so I’m quite sure you can too. In fact, I know you can if you’re reading this on your phone! “So why would anyone try this anyways?” you may be asking. Well, here’s my story.

I work full time, so I don’t always have the energy to do what I want after work. I get tired after work, and a good 75+ percent of my after-work activities will include a nap. The days I don’t nap are the days when I have to run some errands of sorts, which usually lead to a bit more exhaustion than I would like. I have explored, as recently as yesterday, other means of obtaining income to supplement what I already make. Many lists included writing a blog in your free time. I figured I should try to do this while on my lunch hour, because I’m neither tired nor busy at this time. At the same time, I haven’t quite set up any accounts where people can purchase stuff through an affiliate link, and I know I do need one of those. I don’t, however, link to anything just yet. I do have a pretty good idea as to what I would like to advertise and sell. When that time comes, I’ll be good!

But then again, there are times when my lunch is interrupted, and I don’t have the time to write. What would I do then? Well, I would first like to point out one thing: just because you’re not posting a blog every day, does not mean that that must be a / the primary foundation behind blogging. If you have plenty of things to say, and you have a consistent means of conveying your ideas, but you’re also not stressed out from working so hard– then you have a recipe for a daily blog. My situation, as well as everyone else’s, will not match yours. You might have many more hours to blog, and some of you might not even give blogging a second look. I know it isn’t for everybody, but if it was so, then a single blog like this would get lost in the internet jungle that is Google and eBay and Facebook.

Just look at it this way: you are able to write a post on Facebook whenever you wish, from either your Facebook app or from your Internet browser. I don’t see why you could not also blog in the same fashion. They say money is everywhere, and I’m looking very much forward to getting some of that! But I’m still not in the first few steps, one of which requires an affiliate link through which I could sell things to people. That is the one thing I’m hung up on. I need to stop myself from giving up three feet from the gold. I think many of us my would like to have someone say this to us, and to mentor us into becoming money magnets. Positive affirmations do work, and the other half of that battle is work. So this would be a great means of getting my brain out there and getting people to read my stuff more often. I may not have the exact same ideals as you do. But if I can punch out this blog on my phone using only my thumbs in 19 minutes at this exact moment, then I don’t think you’ve really explored all the different avenues for revenue generation. I think I’ll see what it takes to become an affiliate partner for eBay and Amazon. If any old person can just sit down and do their thing and make money, then I certainly can too! It is just those first steps that seem the hardest, the most daunting even. Once I pass a threshold, I’ll see where I am from that point. Hopefully I can keep this going!

It’s about time ¬†leave now, but let me know at you think. If you have any advice on making money through affiliate links, then I would greatly appreciate any input. I know what sells well within those things in which I find great interest, so those would be the very things I would specialize in!

Thank you for taking the time to r Eads this blog! Let me know how I did for a phone entry, too!


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