Multipotentialite With Passive Income?

I have always wondered how making money using affiliate links worked. I also wondered how one might be able to keep making money passively. I mean, to those of use who have never considered branching out from a nine-to-five job, how would one go about making money with their own website?

I’ve been reading around for this answer, and it seems that some information must be addressed. First of all, it does seem practicable to have general knowledge of a specific subject. Second of all, it does help to have your own website (domain names which are out-of-pocket MUCH cheaper than I’d previously ever thought). And third, in order that you may become a successful online passive income generator, you have to have a steady stream of like-minded people.

This means that, if you’re into precious metals and you can speak precious metals’ content, history, use, hoarding, and collecting for months and years at a time, then good! You’ve got something to work with! Many people do collect, stack and study precious metals, and as such are almost always seeking more insight into their beauty. These are people who also have a tendency to stick to a subject of interest and create something wonderful and profitable out of their passion.

Do you like woodworking and have wares to sell? Same thing! Many people who appreciate wooden pieces of art, such as nesting bowls, sculptures, wooden toys,jewelry boxes, and totem poles, also have something to work with!

But, doesn’t it seem that, with all the time in the world you have to think about life, that no matter how much energy you put into something, you eventually tire and bore of that one thing very quickly? This is a problem of mine. How I can ever master one particular subject over the course of my lifetime doesn’t seem to come to me as an answer easily. Yet, through all the things I have read and studied, I have certainly reached a level of knowledge sufficient to get me by with my satiated craving for new knowledge within that subject. Many people have considered me something of a jack of all trades and master of none.

Does this not describe the generally-understood term “renaissance man?” A many great men in history have done such great things with this skill, though a new form of this condition of existence is very recently referred to as the multipotentialite personality. I’m only barely learning to channel this energy into something useful. I never thought I would ever actually make money with it. I have exceptionally keen understanding into those subject about which I’ve read, and I’ve never really had much to show for it except in awkward conversations, where too much irrelevant and uninteresting information rolled off my tongue in far too many situations.

For those of you who have never been able to stick to a subject for more than a few months, I have probably found an avenue for you– you’re looking at it. Yes, I know it doesn’t look like much, but after I read around for a few months, I finally took a small step in the right direction. I already had a WordPress account, but I wanted to figure out a way to monetize it in some fashion; thus, the affiliate links you’ve seen highlighted in blue. The next step I have to take is to actually generate a website, improve the look of my blog, link them, and a whole slew of other steps for which I and slowly developing a sense of understanding. It seemed to me as if it was going to be a daunting task, but as I have found out multiple times (and still forget until the next time)– it really doesn’t hurt to try. And at only a few dollars a month, a website is not really that difficult of a concept.

I must cut this short because I must go to work. It is 4:12 a.m. Thanks for reading!


Going to the gym?

I might possibly be the least qualified person to talk about going to the gym. I haven’t been to the gym in years, I haven’t exercised on a consistent basis at least since the navy, I haven’t followed a health regimen since at least 2006. That is 10 years of sedentary activity.

But there is actually one thing that I did for a little while— Captains of Crush hand grips. For a long time I’d been somewhat keen to the idea that functional strength would mean an easier life. But those were really foggy days when it came down to actually understanding functional strength as it applied to the whole body and not just my hand strength. So what if I could open my pickle jars in my elderly years? If I can’t do sit ups, pull ups, or general body weight exercises, then what chance do I have getting up out of bed?

Luckily, it’s dawned on me that maybe I should get into shape. I’m able to do three pull ups… Well, actually, I’ve always been able to do at least two on a whim. I’ve never been unable to do a single one, save high school, when I literally did nothing to maintain my stick figure appearance. But suspending my body weight for anything longer than ten seconds is quite a task. I intend to improve that time.

Needless to say, that will take a bit of grip strength. The folks over at Ironmind have developed their own hand strength tools, including their Captains of Crush line of hand grippers. You see, when I first ran across their website, I thought it laughable to think that hand grippers could be a challenge. I was quickly brought to my knees when I discovered that I could not close the #3 gripper. My first time trying to close it, I had probably 3/4” of space between the handles (the point of hand grippers being to touch the handles together). I worked myself into closing it, but by that point in time I had no means of traveling to get certified.

Their hand grippers range from the Point Five all the way up to the #4. If you can successfully close the #3 gripper while being witnessed by an official, you get your name on an international list of Captains of Crush, showing that you’ve reached a very difficult benchmark. But everyone strives to close the #4, which is the true separator of men from boys! (Not really. The #3 is a monster to close. That alone does it for me.)

Ironmind are the industry benchmark for hand grippers. Everyone goes for these because they’re built in such a fashion that they do not “season” as quickly (seasoning is a term applied thus: the amount of torque required to close a gripper becomes easier. All grippers season, but Ironmind seem to not season very much before reaching a particular level of being fully seasoned) as other hand grippers on the market.

Besides hand grippers, though, they also make a smaller version for strengthening two fingers at a time called the IMTUG. This is particularly useful for getting your ring finger and pinky finger strengthened up to help you reach the next level.

But, overall hand strength is well and good, but exercise aficionados are well aware that for each muscle, there is one for performing opposite movements. For example, biceps move your forearm up. Your triceps move your arm down. Many people exercise both groups of muscles because it is easier to avoid injury if you balance everything out. The same applies to your hands. One group of muscles allows your fingers to curl up. Another group allows them to expand. Thus, improving your hand strength means to avoid injury by all obtainable means. Ironmind figured it out a long time ago. But it isn’t something that you can use a hand gripper to exercise, right? Right. So how would one go about exercising their opposing muscles?

Expand-Your-Hand Bands. Yup. These rubber bands are made in such a manner as to allow you to provide a balance of gripping strength and expansion conditioning, to keep everything running smoothly. Just as with the hand grippers, these increase in difficulty from the least to most resistance. This allows for you to maintain the highest level of forearm and hand health possible.

Dealing With the Grieving Process

Ever have that grieving period that you just couldn’t seem to shake for the first day after the tragic occurrence? I am going through that right now. My grandmother passed away one hour after I arrived at her side on her deathbed. Her final breath, a deep gasp, occurred at 2:24 p.m., February 17th. This is a very sad day for me indeed. In fact, all of my family are very negatively affected. I seem to have developed a very strong grief in this moment, because it was such a difficult sight to see someone I love pass away right before my eyes.

So, what have I done to deal with it? Last night, we all met at my parents’ house. There was pizza and poker and TV being eaten and played. I whipped out a few cigars as a final respect to her long life (she was 93). My fiancee joined in, and the kids had all been playing games and tag.

This, I feel, was the best way to counteract the grieving process. Being with those you love is the strongest bond, in my opinion.

However, when I went to bed, it was a different story altogether. I had a bad dream, I kept getting cold, and trembled beneath my blanket for a few hours. When I finally did get to sleep, this dream was just really scary to me at the time. It finally panned out, in the end. I woke up crying, and did so for about a half hour. My dog sensed a problem and curled up in my lap.

I realized that I was very hungry, so I wound up going to the store to grab some eggs and milk. But it felt surreal. It was as if no one was really there, but at the same time I was just kind of trudging through other people, who were totally unaware of my pain. It was the weirdest thing. Other people shopping and the store employees stocking shelves with goods. No one made eye contact with me at all. Maybe they did detect something amiss.

I got home and once again began bawling. It’s been a very rough day and I have been awake no more than two hours. It is a terrible thing to wake up and a big part of your life, a backbone to the family, will no longer be there to sing, smile, and laugh with you at dinner. To give you another hug and a kiss during holidays. To give her a heartfelt gift on her birthday. I’ve become deeply saddened by this process.

As such, I’m not quite sure I’ve experienced a grief of this magnitude before. Yes, I have lost relatives in the past. In fact, this last December we just lost my uncle, who had been suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease after a bout of lead poisoning. Yes, of course I grieved then, too. But this feels very different for some reason. It feels like a huge loss on me and everyone.

There have been several books on the subject, but as I haven’t read any of them, I couldn’t say for sure whether they’re helpful or not. I can say, however, that books sometimes help with comforting people. This book, as a matter of fact, came up in a search on Amazon. It might be helpful to you.

Allow me to take the time now to end this post. I’m going to probably look around for something to occupy my mind. I could definitely use a lot of help right now.

Thirty minutes to blog on your phone?

I only have thirty minutes to eat lunch, after spending fifteen of those minutes of my entire lunch hour selecting something if I haven’t brought my lunch. So, I’m going to try something new. A laptop, obviously, would be more suited for this, but as I do not have one, I am giving this a shot.

So you like blogging. Cool! I don’t blog every day, but when I do, I actually enjoy it. So what I have is a small hint at blogging when you’re at work. I’m actually using my phone to blog this, so I’m quite sure you can too. In fact, I know you can if you’re reading this on your phone! “So why would anyone try this anyways?” you may be asking. Well, here’s my story.

I work full time, so I don’t always have the energy to do what I want after work. I get tired after work, and a good 75+ percent of my after-work activities will include a nap. The days I don’t nap are the days when I have to run some errands of sorts, which usually lead to a bit more exhaustion than I would like. I have explored, as recently as yesterday, other means of obtaining income to supplement what I already make. Many lists included writing a blog in your free time. I figured I should try to do this while on my lunch hour, because I’m neither tired nor busy at this time. At the same time, I haven’t quite set up any accounts where people can purchase stuff through an affiliate link, and I know I do need one of those. I don’t, however, link to anything just yet. I do have a pretty good idea as to what I would like to advertise and sell. When that time comes, I’ll be good!

But then again, there are times when my lunch is interrupted, and I don’t have the time to write. What would I do then? Well, I would first like to point out one thing: just because you’re not posting a blog every day, does not mean that that must be a / the primary foundation behind blogging. If you have plenty of things to say, and you have a consistent means of conveying your ideas, but you’re also not stressed out from working so hard– then you have a recipe for a daily blog. My situation, as well as everyone else’s, will not match yours. You might have many more hours to blog, and some of you might not even give blogging a second look. I know it isn’t for everybody, but if it was so, then a single blog like this would get lost in the internet jungle that is Google and eBay and Facebook.

Just look at it this way: you are able to write a post on Facebook whenever you wish, from either your Facebook app or from your Internet browser. I don’t see why you could not also blog in the same fashion. They say money is everywhere, and I’m looking very much forward to getting some of that! But I’m still not in the first few steps, one of which requires an affiliate link through which I could sell things to people. That is the one thing I’m hung up on. I need to stop myself from giving up three feet from the gold. I think many of us my would like to have someone say this to us, and to mentor us into becoming money magnets. Positive affirmations do work, and the other half of that battle is work. So this would be a great means of getting my brain out there and getting people to read my stuff more often. I may not have the exact same ideals as you do. But if I can punch out this blog on my phone using only my thumbs in 19 minutes at this exact moment, then I don’t think you’ve really explored all the different avenues for revenue generation. I think I’ll see what it takes to become an affiliate partner for eBay and Amazon. If any old person can just sit down and do their thing and make money, then I certainly can too! It is just those first steps that seem the hardest, the most daunting even. Once I pass a threshold, I’ll see where I am from that point. Hopefully I can keep this going!

It’s about time  leave now, but let me know at you think. If you have any advice on making money through affiliate links, then I would greatly appreciate any input. I know what sells well within those things in which I find great interest, so those would be the very things I would specialize in!

Thank you for taking the time to r Eads this blog! Let me know how I did for a phone entry, too!