Time On My Hands

I was writing in my Morning Pages (as suggested in the book I happened to pick up a few months ago and only recently came around to reading) this morning, and a few things came to mind.

When we look at time, we can’t measure it tangibly. That is to say, you can’t feel it, hold it, or see it. Time is invisible, only measured by machines tuned to tick away increments of time– but do we really have time to think about what time is or is not? Come to think of it, can you remember the last time you thought about time itself? But on the other side of the coin, time is measured not by quantity, but quality. This is important.

Imagine how many instances in which you have run out of time for a project. A deadline approached, and that meant the end of your happy day. The amount of stress caused by this limiting of time is probably one of the most dangerous things for human health. This is poorly-spent, low-quality time, because you’re not spending it doing what you love, but doing what others want. You have essentially decided to work for someone other than yourself. But how much of this time could have been spent making for yourself some crafting ideas, writing projects, cooking skill modifications– all while not worrying about a deadline? Chances are, you only get those alone times at home, when others depend on you still to further invest your time and attention to what could otherwise still amount to working for others and not for yourself.

And I’m not saying that time itself is of primary concern for health, but rather, how it is spent on yourself. Think of it this way– what would make you happier? Less stress, more time at home? More time for hobbies, less time being crunched for time? My answer would be, “Yes. That would make me happier.” To which an antagonist would say, “But you need money to pay for food and blah blah.” What if you made your own money on your own time, with a skill you’ve personally mastered because of a hobby you loved which didn’t depend on time, but was revolved around time such that when it [your project] was complete, you made something beautiful?

This is what I would call “quality time.” Quality time is spent with the ones you love, doing the things you enjoy, without so much as having to worry about making others happy based on how much hard work you put in without so much as a wisp of contentment. Quality time is spent without regard for the rest of the world. As many problems as there are going on with the world, your family needs your presence and love more so than anything the television has to offer. Happiness is one of those things that are defined by how much quality time is spent in your life. If you take too much of your own time to expend for someone else, then you’re probably going through an experience of negativity at present, and don’t know how to get it out of your system– but understanding that quality time is as free as anything, I would take advantage of that as much as possible.

So why this post? After all, I’ve reflected on things before. I’ve made a few short stories having nothing to do with real-time brainstorming. In fact, this post might be boring you right now. The answer is the Morning Pages. I have only been writing Morning Pages for three days, and already I’ve seen a side of me which has become parasitic– and that is my business, thank you. But I’ve discovered absolutely many things about myself in just three days, and I understand that whatever was blocking my desire to write (about anything) has started to clear up. I’ve began to journal on a somewhat regular basis, and that is probably one of the freest things I can think of– discovering yourself. In fact, finding myself through writing a few pages of hand-written notes per morning, is what I would call time well spent.

So, how much time is truly measured in the world? There are more than seven billion people in the world right now. Seven billion. Each second on the clock ticks seven billion seconds every second. That’s 420 billion + seconds per minute. That’s 26.2 trillion seconds per hour. Don’t you think that maybe we have more than enough time to spend on ourselves and with family rather than using it in your own personal form of financial slavery? That’s amazing. Next time someone tries to tell you there are only 60 seconds per minute, you can say otherwise– because time is dependent on personal perspective, now isn’t it?


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