First World Problems: Real Life

Everyone who surfs the internet even moderately knows about memes. I’m not only talking about Troll Face, but Okay Guy, Me Gusta and the rest of the rage comics; then you have This is where you can find Skeptical Third World Kid, Bad Luck Brian, Scumbag Steve, Good Guy Greg, and many others, among them being the theme of this post, First World Problems. Allow me to explain.

I’m surprised at work how many people throw a fit when we only have one butter left in the canister and they want two. We don’t have your name brand of artificial sweetener, but this particular sweetener has the exact same chemical composition, and you’ll whip out your own sweetener from your purse. We give you two napkins on your plate, and you take a full 20 more, use only one or two, and then leave the rest for trash. You go crazy because we have to wait until tomorrow to get another package of pepper shipped to us.

Do you see where I’m getting at? It surprises me how many people come to a higher-class fast food-type restaurant and can still find a way to make us look as if we’re the bad guys for not having 100% of everything because the duration of the week was spent on people taking too much of that item. Look, I know it is a hassle trying to get out to lunch during rush hour when you only have half an hour to eat lunch. I get it. But you know, you don’t exactly HAVE to eat outside of the boundaries of a paper bag lunch every day. I mean, doesn’t it get old complaining that our restaurant, which is a bakery / cafe, doesn’t have gluten-free bread? I mean, eating lots of starchy, carbohydrate-packed foods is kind of what bread is all about, and that’s what our restaurant deals with almost exclusively.

I see very, very many examples of the associated first world problems from Meme Generator and it almost makes me laugh. I could make viral posts because of the customer base. Forgive me for sounding quite forward, but it seems that no matter what, we gotta make you happy — when we can’t, we get some pretty hefty reactions, mostly negative. I mean, the world WILL come to an end if you can’t get your single mustard packet. Yes?

Sometimes I’ll even see a Scumbag Steve come in. “Looks good.” Goes to table, comes back. “Toast it.” We toast it. “Too brown. Make another.” Make another. Toast it lightly. “Finally.” Good Guy Greg comes in. “Hey, no worries! I can clean / take my tray. You look like you work hard! I hope I don’t insult you with this tip.” Then Joseph Ducreaux comes in. “I beg your pardon.”


Oh well.