Canned Soup Lunch

Oh, yeah. You know something, this whole canned food thing I have been shunning for a large portion of my life had never really appealed to me. I would think about it very rarely unless I was coming down with a cold, which would lead me to the purchase of a few cans of chicken noodle soup (from the fine folks at:, I wish I got paid for recommending businesses) and wait out my cold or flu until it came time to stomaching real food again. Recently, I, on a whim, decided to make a purchase of several cans of Progresso soup because, hey, $1.25 for a lunch sounds pretty cheap compared to a $5 burger at Wendy’s. I would get just as full in the meantime, right? That turned out to be very true.

I’m thinking that I might make canned foods a more regular part of my diet. I consume WAY too much bread (as I mentioned in an earlier post of mine, I work at Panera) and I rarely ever balance it out with fruits, vegetables, and other forms of nutritional intake. By rarely, of course, I mean never. GMOs aside, what better way to make a stack of quarters go as far as a can of soup that a burger simply couldn’t touch? I’m thinking about regularly obtaining maybe 20 cans of whatever happens to be on sale each check. Saving money would be highly ideal, but I don’t see how money would be anywhere close to as valuable as food if the dollar decided to be allowed to crash finally.

This is a short post, and my thoughts are too scattered to really make a good post right now. I just happened to have this on my mind right when I started eating the lentil soup. Plus, I am working on reading my way through Stephen King’s It, which might be why I’m terribly distracted at present.

Until the next time I arrive here, peace out.


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