Sometimes, when I sleep deeply enough, I’ll have a dream so vivid that it almost seems lifelike — that is to say, almost lifelike. One small detail which separates my dreams from reality is the fact that none of that which appears in my dreams follows the laws of physics or the known sciences of animals and plants. Perhaps on a subatomic level, these kinds of things can happen. What I seem to fail to do every time I recognize that I’m dreaming is to acknowledge my dream state and begin to experience my own lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming is a goal of some metaphysical students. It shows that you have a strong connection to your subconscious mind, and not randomly flashing images in motion picture sequence style. I’ve never experienced lucid dream state, but then again, I’m not a dedicated student of the metaphysical studies, either. Not that there are any set deadlines for it, mind you. There is, absolutely, a method that each person utilizes to record their dreams, attempt to find some symbolism or cross-reference to the world which allows you to read this, and figure out whether they can take control of their own mind.

I don’t really have a method, but some dream researchers have told me throughout my life that a popular method of finding out the meaning of your dreams is to write every detail that you can remember about your dream, find dream meaning sources to extract the purpose of your dream and how it pertains to your recent or personal experiences, and figure out a path which will lead you to eventually discover the meanings of your dreams.

I remember dreaming about gemstones one night. Just out of nowhere, a tourmaline of sorts with a strange name that I can’t remember had been for sale at some outdoor flea market. This gemstone was special in that it acted as embers — it crackled and popped, but was not hot to the touch. It possessed a fiery appearance but I could not purchase it for some reason. When I awoke, the first thing I did was try to remember then name of the stone I had seen. I looked through many pages on the internet to find something which looked as close to the dream rock as possible. I found two which resembled what I had seen: raw orange tourmaline (http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/tourmaline-polished-slice-9155486.jpg) and fire agate (http://www.mineralien-hueller.de/english/webyep-system/daten/29-3-1-gl-Galeriename-8726.jpg).

Since I had a very ferocious night terror for a week straight, several years ago since, I had grown tired, both of the dream and from physically only getting less than 20 hours of sleep in that week — tired enough to go on a somewhat side journey of figuring out the metaphysical properties of minerals. Mind you, I’m not religious in the LEAST! But I am spiritual. I know that, beyond our physical graves, we never die. I know that more strongly than I believe in a deity or group of deities, so perhaps that doesn’t make me a total Atheist since I still have positive morals. (A digression — I don’t cuss in front of children, I don’t drive after a single drink, I quit smoking, and perhaps on an unrelated level, I have also given up the drinking of carbonated, sugary drinks.) I do have the belief that, under some tough skin, everyone is inherently nice and has desires, just as I do. Some people don’t have the filtration to hinder their acts, which is unfortunate — but they still have dreams and wants as we all do.

Right, so back to my points. Metaphysical properties and healing and gemstones began to appeal to me, but on a very small scale. It took a while for me to pick it up because I didn’t actually go out and get any gemstones until this year. I picked up some black tourmaline, a soda-can-sized chunk of quartz, hematite, gold sheen obsidian… I became particularly fond of selenite. They say that selenite is representative of angelic energies. I placed a somewhat large piece of selenite I picked up from a local gem show last month. It sits under the mattress near my head. I get some pretty cool dreams, but I sleep better, too. And since I have it in conjunction with my obsidian, it seems as if each dream, though still ever so strange — haven’t really been bad lately.

So as a small reference, I think it would be nice to recommend that you pick up a selenite egg, palm stone, or tower (whichever you prefer) and place it near your head either under the pillow, under the mattress, or on the floor — and use it with a grounding stone such as tourmaline. White and black balance out. If you have dreams that you do not yet understand, write it down. Take notes of each element. See if a search of dream meanings online are representative of anything happening in the real world for you.

I should note this, too — there are so many dream sites out there that I wouldn’t list any of them here. This is on purpose! You see, there are differences between dream meanings for each site you visit, so if you want to start decoding your dreams I would suggest you find a list of 5 to 10 dream sites which you can book mark and refer to if you have a particularly pleasing, distasteful, scary, or happy dream. You may discover something about yourself that perhaps you’ve been ignoring or had been otherwise unaware.


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