About Me

This is my first blog and blog post, so I feel that it should be an introduction to my interests as well as offering a little background information.

So, my username has been around for a while — as far back as Myspace. It was a random word that I thought was unique until I learned that there was a city located on the East coast of the United States named Centralia, so it wasn’t as unique as I’d hoped. I’m a Navy veteran who served for four years as an electrician. Afterwards, I began working in a series of jobs ranging from janitorial to food service to manual labor, none of which have appealed to me on an informal scale which I had developed — I haven’t really enjoyed any of those industries.

I recently started working at Panera, and I believe that my slow speed is going to get me into trouble due to their fast-paced requirements. Being that I suffered a back injury in the Navy which rendered me eligible for 50% disability, I feel that food service isn’t quite suitable for having such limitations. And so here I am now.

I’ve always had a natural writing strength, which came out of nowhere almost literally. When I was around 3 or 4 years old, I was playing with a now-obsolete toy called a Speak And Spell. That led me to begin reading the dictionary and learning new words and phrases. That led to reading, reading, far more reading — magazines, books, newspapers — and when the internet was invented for the public, I spent a lot of time reading about everything that interested me. That was around 15 years ago (time really does fly, doesn’t it? They weren’t kidding!) and since then I have become a regular grammar Nazi. It is unfortunate, but it is true — kids who work at my place of employment are terrible with speaking almost strictly in slang and colloquial styles — far be it from me to speak as a professional myself, but my writing isn’t going to be composed of a whole lot of “uh, like you know, stuff and lol ur fun-e” and other shorthand phrases brought on by the advent of compressed and condensed, 160-character limit posts on Twitter and text messaging. So I have had a natural knack for properly writing to some extent for most of my life.

I went to college for a few years. In December of 2009, my local community college was holding a “rapid sign up” event. I applied and took the prerequisite tests and scored well enough to take a beginner’s English class. Within the first few weeks my instructor asked why I was even in that class. Apparently, I was far too advanced to even be in that class. The next semester, I had the same experience. This instructor was ultimately surprised by my attention to details, and the content of my projects were beyond college level; however, the few things I had to learn regarding writing, I applied and pretty much astounded him. (This isn’t an exaggeration!) The following semester, after obtaining A grades in both of my prior English classes, I was in a foreboding atmosphere — this instructor had not only a Master’s degree in English, but apparently a Doctorate in another subject. One would surmise that I had been in the presence of some kind of guru who would grade according to super-grammar-Nazi standards. Lo and behold, I did struggle. That semester I had one paper graded at a B.

My reasoning behind not graduating college is my lack of understanding mathematics on a level beyond Algebra. That’s right — I have unofficially diagnosed myself with dyscalculia (which is almost equivalent to dyslexia, but in the mathematical sense of being unable to grasp formulaic equations on an acceptable level). The college counselors have absolutely refused to grant me a waiver for the math class, so here I am, stuck with only 5 units (one class, that is) short of an Associate’s degree. I find it difficult to justify a denial with a grasping of almost every other subject thrown at me in my college stint, but alas, that is what seems to be the norm of education beyond high school.

I’m 29 years old, so I still have quite a bit of time left to hone and polish my writing skills in accordance with that in which I possess interest. And so it is (spoiler alert: syntax staccato ahead) — I am interested in so many different things which include: music, philosophy, politics, collecting silver, reading, lightly studying physics, M-theory, theology… I have read about laws, rules, morality applied to such, the Constitution. I’m currently in the process of reading The Iliad. I read about medicines, foods, natural cures, hair growth, cellular movement… I have a collection of knives, cigars, gemstones for metaphysical purposes as well. In other words, my interests have led me on a very long and jagged road, not specific to any one subject. I believe that the human mind is capable of storing very much information — so much so, in fact, that computers are still a few years off from accessing that amount of storage despite technological advancements in information storage, even here in 2014. It does help to specialize in one area, and as many subjects as I have read throughout my life, I don’t believe that is my purpose. I still don’t know what my purpose is, but I do know one thing — I know that I can write decently, and I have developed a very strong affinity for it without any formal training. I am a self-taught writer without the formal education to show for it.

That is me in a nutshell. I may post more later in the day, but it’ll be more open to discussion after this point. This is a very short autobiography of sorts, if one wishes to call it so — a brief overview.



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